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Furniture And Innovation

A home is just an empty space without any furniture in it. Even someone who is a minimalist needs basic things like a bed and curtains in a room. While furniture became a regular feature in homes, as time has gone by, innovation in traditional pieces has become the norm of the day. If you’ve watched the American sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S then you remember that iconic scene in which Joey and Chandler time their La-Z-Boy couches to unfold at the same time and they just sink into it. At the time, La-Z-Boy couches were all the rage. Hydraulic couches that you could extend so that you got the most out of the chair were the dream. Couple it with a drink holder and you had the ideal place in which to sit and watch the game or a much-awaited movie on TV. These days, design has gone one step further with concept furniture. Each of the pieces we will look at today exists as a concept in some design studio. Furniture from Danetti and other such stores also tick the innovation boxes and how!

The laptop table that is also a bag. Folding is everything these days. A standard sized folding table that, when unfolded, can hold everything you need to work – your laptop, wireless mouse (if you need it), your phone, and a port that will take your power cord. Known as Openaire, this moving laptop bag/table is yet to be seen in use. Coffee table with a difference. Remember the number puzzles with 9 tiles. Take one off and you have to get all the digits in a sequence? That’s not a full-fledged coffee table. And what’s more the sliding pieces have a chalkboard underneath them and if you do scribble something on the chalkboard, then a simple swipe of the moving tiles will erase it.

A bookshelf, that is also a table! For the lack of a better word, it’s makers have made a portmanteau of this and called it the “exhibit-table”. The table has around 5-6 slots in which you can place the books you are currently reading. You don’t have to run to your bookshelf every single time trying to find your book and catching up with the lost pages. All you have to do it pick up the books you want to read and place them in the reading slots in the table and read whenever you want . Shapes are not only square. There are hexagons too and this is in a shape that can be turned into multiple combinations so that you have a coffee table, a chair, or whatever you want. 2017 Color Trends - Interior Designer Paint Color Predictions for 2017 ...

This is all about having fun really!

Living spaces are getting smaller and they often need furniture that is multipurpose. This is where extensions come into play. A simple table that also has extensions can be converted into so many things – a workstation, a gaming station, an ironing board, a shelf if that is what your immediate need is. There are tables and there is unstable. This is a kind of concept table that will give way depending on the amount of weight put on it. Designed with blocks of wood that are flexible, this table is fun and innovative and a superb add to your living room. Not only that, the moving blocks can be arranged to form a personalized message for your loved ones.

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Portable corner tables is what every home needs. You have to take your corner tables out to the deck and you need to make a trip for each table. With portable corner tables, all you need to do is fit them all together .

Michael , Customer

DIY. Ikea has dibs on this kind of furniture. They’ve been giving us pre-constructed furniture for so long now. Say what you will about their instruction manuals. But, some furniture companies have taken DIY to a whole other level.

John , Customer

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Concept furniture might seem oddball now, however, they are the furniture of the future.

It won’t be long before one or all of these ideas come to fruition and people are queuing up to buy.

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